Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#ProductReview of a GPS Tracker

I have been working on moving and my #productreview assignments have been put on the back burner until today.

Let's talk about a disappointing product called a real time GPS tracker from a company called Circq or Circo. It is difficult to determine which it is. You can find it here, but I don't suggest it.

First off it needs a SIM card to work. The company suggested I get a free one through FreedomPop, which was pretty easy. Just make sure that you are prepared to wait a few weeks for it to arrive and that you change your service within 30 days so you don't end up paying $30 or more per SIM card. Side note, the customer service from FreedomPop was fabulous! Secondly, it did not work once the SIM card was inserted. The instructions seem to be pretty good but I could never get the tracker to connect to anything. Lastly it is a bit of a bulky item and it needs to be charged. This is not something you can add to your keys or your bag and then ignore for years. I do not know how long the battery lasts, but I just don't see it as convenient.
. I'm not sure what other kinds of GPS trackers are available. but ok. You can find the tracker

Saturday, April 22, 2017

How's #GERmanikure Tools?

Read the title of this post out loud for a cheesy joke. Get it?

Okay, now that that is over let's get on to the #ProductReview. I was sent the matte Finox stainless steel cuticle scissors at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. And I honestly like them.
The scissors come with a nice cover to keep them safe and keep clumsy hands safe from them. The edges are all rounded which makes the grip and use of them quite comfortable. The brushed stainless steel is a nice touch and the finish does not show fingerprints. The blades are quite sharp and tight which makes getting a close snip very easy. Even with the tight blades the motion is smooth. You can see it on my YouTube post here.

All together I like the quality and the feel of the cuticle scissors and have liked the results after using them. This is something I would recommend. You can find them here. #GERmanikure #toolsforlife #nochildlabor #ecofriendly 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Battlefield Earth for the 21st Century

#BattlefieldEarth by L Ron Hubbard new edition for the 21st Century was sent to me for a #ProductReview and a giveaway! Unfortunately I don't have the money to ship it anywhere so the giveaway will be open to residents of the Treasure Valley in Idaho.

So this edition has expanded content, author interview and author notes. I also received the 44 disc audio version with over 65 voice actors and an entire score. Score is right!!!

The cover art was created for this version and it lives up to the reputation of the book. The colors used give a realistic feel while still showing the fansasy aspect. Basically it looks like it could happen.

I feel like a pratt so far with some of my coments, but I actually can't figure out how else to explain my initial thoughts on this book and the attention to details.

The book opens with a character saying, "Man is an endangered species." What a powerful sentence! The scene unfolds from there and offers insight into the backstory of a few of the characters as well as familial ties. I expect back story to be kind of dry yet necessary. With this book I was pleased to find that I was into the story from the very first and did not get bored by how the information was presented.

So far I'm impressed and can't wait to finish it! You can see my initial reaction to the book and the cds I received on my YouTube channel. You can find the book here.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

It is March 11, have you started planning for your laser christmas lights?

It is March 11, have you started planning for your laser christmas lights?  
I was given one at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased #ProductReview. I really wanted to get video of the laser dots bouncing off the snow as it fell outside my house, but either I was ill or Husband was almost every time it snowed this past winter. So, I did what anyone would do...I used the time inbetween patron counts at a local movie theatre to plug it in and create a video review.

The remote is a bit hokey but it works. The plug has a nice reinforcement in the form of a cylinder screw. The light was quite powerful and very pretty. Be forewarned, this is a true LASER and can cause damage to eyes if someone looks directly in it while it is on. Don't do that.

It comes with a heavy-duty metal spike upon which you are supposed to mount it, but I could not figure out how to mount it.

You can find the laser light here

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Writers of the Future 33

Husband saw me reading a real book (ie. not one on my phone or tablet) last week and asked what I was doing. I said I had a #ProductReview and he thought it was so weird that it was a book. A book is a product, right? Anyway, turned out to be the Writers of the Future, vol 33 that I was reading and I had a really nice and quiet evening.

So anyway, I have read about half of the stories so far. I loved the one sentence overview page that
accurately portrayed most of the stories I have read. There was only one so far that I just could not get into, the first one. The one sentence was interesting, but the story just jumped back and forth way too much for me to follow.

The most uniquely written story, so far, is the one that is based upon the cover illustration. Normally a story is written and then the illustration is created, or the illustration and story are created together. However the writing, the emotion portrayed and the complete storyline in such a short amount of pages that was written based on one beautiful piece of art is really my favorite in the book.

As with all anthologies there will be styles that do not call to everyone, but I do think that everyone should be able to find several that call to them. This is unique, in my opinion, because Science Fiction is such a varied genre. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the couch that night and look forward to another sometime soon.

I received this book as an Advanced Readers Copy for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I liked it a lot.

Probiotc for Women

I have been pleased by the #islandsmiracle Ultra 30 Women's #probiotics so far. As always, I did receive this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

The bottle says it is "designed especially for women" because it has something that is supposed to "prommote vaginal health". Of course since it is a dietary supplement and not a medication, none of the claims have been evaluated by the FDA. And I have no medical background. This is all opinion based on what I have experienced.

What I like:
-contains strains of good bacteria of which I am aware
-uses time-release capsules to get the bacteria through the stomach acid and to the intestines
-contains enzymes of which I am familiar

What I don't like:
-instructions say to start with two capsules and if you have a bad reaction to back off to one. I am starting with one and increasing if needed.
-uses vegetarian capsules which contain carbs yet no carb numbers
-says it does not contain rice (in the x-free statement) yet the capsule is made with rice flour!!!

So far the pros (for me) outweigh the cons because I don't have to worry about rice or the (hopefully) negligible carbs from it. However I did just lose respect for the company a bit because to tout that it does not contain rice when the capsule it is in is made from rice is just wrong, confusing and potentially harmful if someone with a rice allergy is not vigilant.

I did start by taking one capsule on Friday which also happened to be the first day that I was sick with a virus that Husband still has. However I did notice that my bowels were not as affected by the virus as I would have expected. I am just now well enough to take my second capsule today and will update this blog post if something significant happens.

You can find this probiotic here.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mami Wata has Much Wow Customer Service!

The MAMI WATA Tea & Fruit Infusion Pitcher comes with a Free Ice Ball Maker and a Free Infused Water Recipe Ebook. Check out a quick video of the ice ball mold.

The recipe book had some thought put into it and I was quite pleased with the quality of the recipes. I really liked the not-so-common-sense tips they offered such as only soaking the fruit and veg for a few hours to get the infusion and then removing them so the water will stay good longer.

You can see the unboxing of the pitcher set on my YouTube channel. I do have to preface the video with the fact that I broke the sliding lid as I was first playing with it. I emailed the seller and almost immediately received a response. I was sent a new pitcher and the customer service was above and beyond. I would suggest this pitcher just based on the customer service I received.

I like what I have experienced so far. I do need to double check on the temperature limit of the water because I would love to be able to make fresh herb tea using the micro pore infuser insert.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Magic for Eyes

#MagicGel sent me their Premium Blephartist Eye Mask at a discount or free for a #ProductReview. I absolutely love the idea and they did a good job with the execution.

The set comes with the eye mask, two gel inserts which can be heated or cooled (by follwing the instructions) and an S-hook to hang the masks after washing. As soon as I saw that the manufacturer was focused on keeping the gel inserts clean, I immediately felt comfortable with the quality of the product.

You can see in my Instagram video, the mask has a velcro secured opening at the top. This allows for the gel insert to be placed correctly and secured.

The mask itself can be used without the insert as just a standard sleeping mask. I thought it was quite comfortable and it did not bother my sleep.

Altogether I think this is a well made, nicely designed product that I would buy again for myself or even as a gift for a stressed out friend.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The #BX960 LED Bike Light with USB Recgargeable battery provided by Night Provision did not work. You can see the unboxing and subsequent non-working of the light on my Instagram account here.

The box of the item had been ripped as if somebody had already opened the product. I am really starting to wonder what is going on at the Amazon Shipping Center closest to me. I have emailed the seller and I'm waiting for a response.

Here's what I can tell you based upon what I was able to experience. This is not a product I would suggest because the mount showed really shoddy workmanship. I was not able to slide the light on and off the mount all the way and it did not slide easily. It is not the fault of the design as it works for another light I got the from the same seller. While I appreciate the tightening screw on the mount it just does not look like it will last very long.

I did receive this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Tale of Two Supplements

I have NO medical training and you should not start taking anything just because I say I recommend it. Please consultant your health care professional, etc.

Secondly, I received both of the following supplements at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

#BeLive sent me two supplements for a #ProductReview and here are my findings.

I'm impressed with what I see on the EGCG (aka Green Tea Extract) label as Husband has been researching things that could help with his many health issues. He has not yet tried this, but the information I have seen shows that the supplement was created in an FDA registered facility (which does not mean it is FDA approved but the facility does go through testing and regulation) and has a high percentage of the active ingredient. This is all positive information. Just need to get the go-ahead from his health care professional before starting it. So far I would recommend this brand IF your health care professional says you should find the EGCG.

You can see my label video on my Instagram account here.

You can find this supplement here.

Moving on to the Fusion Burn also from #BeLive. This is advertised as a Garcinia Cambogia Extract but it contains more. It also includes Green Coffee Extract (50%), Raspberry Keytone Extract (98%), Caffiene (WHY?) and Green Tea Extract (which includes EGCG). Honestly I'm not happy about the added caffiene and wonder about the low percentages of some of the extracts. The printing quality on the label is not the best and makes it difficult to read. This makes me wonder what else is low quality.

Based on the above I would not suggest this product.

You can find this supplement here

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Watch This!

Two watches, one seller, a story for my blog.

#Aposon sent me two watches (at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbased opinion) for a #ProductReview. Both worked. Point in the good column. Neither had instructions. Point in the bad column. The rest of the information varies from here.

Let’s start with the sport style watch. The Orange Men’s Sports Watch was disappointing. It was too large for me to wear at all. The face actually was so large that it needed more wrist estate than I have. I know I have a smaller wrist but I am a full grown adult. Secondly the large face made it impossible to comfortably and snugly tighten so it would stay where it was supposed to stay. The face was so deep (high off my wrist) that it kept me from being able to put my palm in a 90 angle from my forearm (think pushups) without digging into the top of my hand to the point of pain. I would assume if I tried to do any pushups while wearing this watch that I would end up with bruises. Not the best idea when designing a “sport” watch. The minute hand, when at a certain time, covered the information that was showing in the orange (I guess that is where the watch got its name?) circle thus rendering the information useless at that time each hour. And speaking of the name, the orange circle is not prominent enough to give the watch its name. A bit of a nitpick, but I was asked to review it, so there you are.

My biggest problem with the watch was the lack of instructions. There are four buttons – two on each side – and the turning dial which is usually used to set the time but I’m not sure because there are NO INSTRUCTIONS. Now, I can understand the other watch, that I will be reviewing below, not coming with instructions because there is only only one function, to tell time. WAIT, I jest! There is a need for instructions for that watch because there is a fancy buckle on the band. But I’ll get into that later. Back to the sport watch – without the instructions the sport functions are not easy to use and will take time to figure out on my own. I’m sure I could figure the most basic ones out, but I know I would be missing something. If only an easier way to set/use a function. See the video review of this watch here.

The second watch, the Black Men’s Watch, started off better. The face was only about a third of the depth of the sport watch and not as wide. So even though it had a large face, it did fit on my wrist. The dial on the side was the standard pull out, twist to get to the right time, push back in to start. I liked the simplistic dial with just roman numerals at the 12, large hash marks on the other hours and smaller hash marks for the minutes. The black on black does make it difficult to read the time in low light, but it can be done. What I like is the watch is completely silent! There is no second hand so my ADHD is not triggered when I wear it. The band is a nice mesh metal that warms as it is worn and has a nice flexibility to it.

Here’s where the issue of having no instructions comes in. The metal band has a nifty clasp that was slightly difficult to figure out. However I like puzzles and was able to figure out how it would clasp. The adjustable part of it that allows you to tighten or loosen the band for a more personalized fit. I WISH there had been instructions on how to adjust it because it did not make sense. After breaking a nail and then using a ballpoint pen I was able to figure it out. But remember, I like puzzles. And there is also the issue of the adjustable bit sliding all the way off the band before I was able to lock it down again. You can see the video review I did of it on my YouTube channel.

Final opinion is I really don’t like these watches. I would recommend AGAINST the sport watch and just not suggest the other one. However if you want to check them out for yourself you can find the sport watch here and the standard one here.

Just as a quick reminder, I did receive both of these watches from #aposon at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dacobots - A Good Idea

Some of you know that I graduated with a theatre degree in secondary education a while back. Unfortunately I was unable to find a job in Idaho because the arts apparently are not as important to education here. Regardless, educating people of all ages has been a priority to me for as long as I can remember. My mother was an educator and I still see myself as one even though I don't have a job at a public school. My Pampered Chef business has helped me to educate people of all ages on preparing healthier food at a lower cost and in less time than a drive through.

So when I saw the opportunity to test and review the Dacobots website I just had to jump at it. I do want to disclose that I will be earning a small fee for my review. However that makes me want to make it as truthful as I can. Without further ado, here is my truth:




I have had nothing but typos and bugs throughout my testing of this website. I was logged out and could not log back in when using the browser on my phone. They have issues with speed of speech as well as grammar and misspellings. However I was extremely impressed with my contact at the company. Alex responded quickly to every message I sent even though I am based in the US and he is somewhere in Europe. My first issue was a misspelling and he not only replied but had it corrected before replying to me in a very short time frame.

As an educator it is exciting to see technology being used to give another option for children (and adults, too) who may need to learn at a different pace or even in a different manner than the norm. If they are able to work out the bugs and get the misspellings and grammar down correctly, this will be a powerful tool. This is a subscription based service and the cost seems very reasonable to me. I think this will be a good summer break tool as well as wonderful for homeschoolers.

One mostly positive point I brought up to Alex was the site was beautiful and it made me feel as if the visual development of the project may have been given too much time and effort versus the educational portion. I hope they give the same amount of time and effort to the other parts of the project because it will be awesome when that happens.

Just as a brief reminder, I was given one month free access to this website and will continue to try it out until my subscription is up. I will also be paid a small fee for this post.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Can't use it so I can't recommend it

I was sent two digital pH meters to test. Unfortunately the one from #HealthyWiser was used and I did not sign up to test and provide a #ProductReview for something previously used. You can see the video of this meter and the other one I was sent at a discount or free on my YouTube channel. You can find the HealthyWiser one here but I can't recommend it.