Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Tale of Two Supplements

I have NO medical training and you should not start taking anything just because I say I recommend it. Please consultant your health care professional, etc.

Secondly, I received both of the following supplements at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

#BeLive sent me two supplements for a #ProductReview and here are my findings.

I'm impressed with what I see on the EGCG (aka Green Tea Extract) label as Husband has been researching things that could help with his many health issues. He has not yet tried this, but the information I have seen shows that the supplement was created in an FDA registered facility (which does not mean it is FDA approved but the facility does go through testing and regulation) and has a high percentage of the active ingredient. This is all positive information. Just need to get the go-ahead from his health care professional before starting it. So far I would recommend this brand IF your health care professional says you should find the EGCG.

You can see my label video on my Instagram account here.

You can find this supplement here.

Moving on to the Fusion Burn also from #BeLive. This is advertised as a Garcinia Cambogia Extract but it contains more. It also includes Green Coffee Extract (50%), Raspberry Keytone Extract (98%), Caffiene (WHY?) and Green Tea Extract (which includes EGCG). Honestly I'm not happy about the added caffiene and wonder about the low percentages of some of the extracts. The printing quality on the label is not the best and makes it difficult to read. This makes me wonder what else is low quality.

Based on the above I would not suggest this product.

You can find this supplement here