Monday, February 20, 2017

Magic for Eyes

#MagicGel sent me their Premium Blephartist Eye Mask at a discount or free for a #ProductReview. I absolutely love the idea and they did a good job with the execution.

The set comes with the eye mask, two gel inserts which can be heated or cooled (by follwing the instructions) and an S-hook to hang the masks after washing. As soon as I saw that the manufacturer was focused on keeping the gel inserts clean, I immediately felt comfortable with the quality of the product.

You can see in my Instagram video, the mask has a velcro secured opening at the top. This allows for the gel insert to be placed correctly and secured.

The mask itself can be used without the insert as just a standard sleeping mask. I thought it was quite comfortable and it did not bother my sleep.

Altogether I think this is a well made, nicely designed product that I would buy again for myself or even as a gift for a stressed out friend.