Monday, February 20, 2017

Mami Wata has Much Wow Customer Service!

The MAMI WATA Tea & Fruit Infusion Pitcher comes with a Free Ice Ball Maker and a Free Infused Water Recipe Ebook. Check out a quick video of the ice ball mold.

The recipe book had some thought put into it and I was quite pleased with the quality of the recipes. I really liked the not-so-common-sense tips they offered such as only soaking the fruit and veg for a few hours to get the infusion and then removing them so the water will stay good longer.

You can see the unboxing of the pitcher set on my YouTube channel. I do have to preface the video with the fact that I broke the sliding lid as I was first playing with it. I emailed the seller and almost immediately received a response. I was sent a new pitcher and the customer service was above and beyond. I would suggest this pitcher just based on the customer service I received.

I like what I have experienced so far. I do need to double check on the temperature limit of the water because I would love to be able to make fresh herb tea using the micro pore infuser insert.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.