Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Writers of the Future 33

Husband saw me reading a real book (ie. not one on my phone or tablet) last week and asked what I was doing. I said I had a #ProductReview and he thought it was so weird that it was a book. A book is a product, right? Anyway, turned out to be the Writers of the Future, vol 33 that I was reading and I had a really nice and quiet evening.

So anyway, I have read about half of the stories so far. I loved the one sentence overview page that
accurately portrayed most of the stories I have read. There was only one so far that I just could not get into, the first one. The one sentence was interesting, but the story just jumped back and forth way too much for me to follow.

The most uniquely written story, so far, is the one that is based upon the cover illustration. Normally a story is written and then the illustration is created, or the illustration and story are created together. However the writing, the emotion portrayed and the complete storyline in such a short amount of pages that was written based on one beautiful piece of art is really my favorite in the book.

As with all anthologies there will be styles that do not call to everyone, but I do think that everyone should be able to find several that call to them. This is unique, in my opinion, because Science Fiction is such a varied genre. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the couch that night and look forward to another sometime soon.

I received this book as an Advanced Readers Copy for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I liked it a lot.