Thursday, July 28, 2016

Organize Me

I admit it...I don't have kids. 

Shocker, right? But, then, why do I get things like the below pictured "Car BackSeat Organizer for kids"? Especially when I get it for a #ProductReview? Well, I still have stuff that needs to be organized. And I like to be kid friendly in case I come across one.

Anyway, #TourStrong sent this backseat (I think it should be called a back-of-seat) organizer for me to test and review. We all have stuff that we leave in our car because we are (lazy) busy or to be (accident prone) prepared for emergencies. These organizers come in handy for such times (always).

This one is going to hold some first aid supplies and tools. This organizer has a detachable part down at the bottom. The detachable part is perfect for a mini first aid kit. I plan to have alcohol wipes, bandaids and neosporin in it for those times where just the basics are needed. I would hate to take the whole organizer off the seat just for a small scrape or two.

I like this organizer and think it has a few bonuses you may not find in others. I actually have this hanging on the back of a back seat to keep all the little necessities together. I would suggest this organizer to my friends and family.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Speak To Me

I was so pleased when I was approved to test and review the SoundFit Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker from #AYLSPEAKERS. I love technology and I especially love GADGETS! And with my love of music, I am always on the lookout for new and better speakers. This powerhouse is large and heavy enough to give almost the full range of sound that a human can hear. I don't know the specific numbers, but I'm sure I could find out with Husband's help. What I do know is that the speaker let me hear some very low sounds from a song that I can't even hear through the speakers in my car!
Now, this bluetooth speaker is not only for listening, but it has its own microphone. I have used this connected with my phone for calls and nobody knew the difference. The buttons (pictured at right) are large and easy to use. I appreciate the simplicity and the carrying handle, too.

According to the amazon listing this speaker is "Durable Portable Outdoor Wireless Sound System - Features Powerful Bass and Clear Treble - Hands-Free with Built-In Microphone - Dust and Shock Resistant". I can attest to the durable because I am notoriously hard on things (for example, I drop them, sit or step on them, throw them in the black hole that I call a bag, etc.) and this has really stood up to my brand of use. This speaker is also supposed to be waterproof, but I have yet to spill anything on it in order to test it out. Be patient, it will happen sometime.

I think what I was most surprised and pleased about was the screw-on port on the bottom of the speaker (pictured at right). This allows the speaker to be mounted in many ways. My first thought was I could mount it on my camera tripod. I could even purchase a cheap quick-release mount to keep screwed in permanently and then just pop off the camera and pop on the speaker. Kind of genius, if you ask me.

Final word is this is a wonderful bluetooth speaker and I would get it for myself again!

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

I Spray the T-Spray

T-Spray's #Toothfilm is today's #ProductReview. The Cosmetic Teeth & Oral Spray 10ml is supposed to help with stains, yellow teeth, cavities, bacteria and gum disease, sensitive teeth and bad breath. I was able to choose between the Cool Mint and Cranberry flavors. It looks like they now also have a Green Tea flavor. I really like the Cranberry flavor because there is only so much mint I can deal with.

I haven't seen any benefit with stains, but my breath does improve when I use it. And, as a bonus, it helps with my dry mouth that I suffer from due to medications.

I would suggest the spray, and the cranberry flavor especially for people who just aren't that into mint.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Drops in the Bucket

These Cord Management Drops by #Vorfreude are so handy! I chose the multi colored ones and they couldn't be more cheerful. I really like the colors as they will stand out amongst the cables and make it easier to point them out if I have to verbally walk someone through the maze of cables that inhabit our living room. These drops also come in a pack of all black and a pack of all white.

The package comes with ten drops. The multi colored variety has four green, three pink and three orange, there is no other way to get the colored ones as of this posting. As you can see from the package photo they come with double sided 3M tape on the back. I have always had good luck with 3M. The one tip I would give for attaching these drops is to make sure you clean the area where you will be sticking the drop. And not just a swipe of your hand, use a cleansing agent or even just rubbing alcohol. Electronics are notorious for collecting lots of dust, and dust sticks to 3M tape quite well.

So each drop (I love that name, by the way) is around the size of half of a walnut. They have three slots for cables, as you can see by the photo of the drop in my hand. I have placed one in my car to help keep track of my charging cables. Makes it easier to unplug and get out of the car without the cable coming with me as well as finding cables once I get back into the car. I just placed the drop on the vertical area of my dashboard.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Rolling Towards Better Flexibility

I have been pleasantly surprised with the #lotusyogawheel that I received from Lotus Brands, Inc. I was very surprised at how small it was compared to what I had expected. The listing on amazon has photos of a woman with her spine along the wheel and it makes the wheel look like it is wider than it actually is. I have not measured the width, but if I had to guestimate, I would put it at around 8 inches wide. I would also guestimate the diameter to be around 20 inches.

The Yoga Wheel easily held my weight, as you can see in the photo on the right. I didn't notice any give in the wheel when I sat on it, but it could have moved a mm or three. It was surprisingly comfortable to sit on even though my knees ended up above my hips. It was also easy to balance on top of the wheel while sitting.

There were to potential issues that I wanted to point out. In the photo on the left you'll see the seam where the ends of the thick foam on the outside of the wheel meet. I wonder how long the seam will stay together as it did not really look like it was connected securely. Secondly, in the photo on the right, you should be able to see a small white mark along the bottom of the gold portion of the wheel (not the camera flash). It is a blemish in the gold colored coating and it makes me think there could be a future issue with strength of the interior of the wheel. Honestly both potential issues seem quite minor.

And then finally for your viewing pleasure are a couple of photos of me using the yoga wheel as it is supposed to be used. I had no issues when I laid my spine along the wheel and arched my back I felt very secure. I was even able to roll the wheel slightly back and get a very deep arch and then slightly forward to kind of put my body in a leaning back squat position.

Final verdict? I really like this yoga wheel. It is something I see myself using on a weekly, if not daily basis, to increase flexibility, to relax muscles and as a way to increase the strength of my core muscles. I highly recommend this!

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm Not Making This Up!

Beauty Lally sent me their set of 10 Makeup Brushes (#makeubrushes) with a dual hand mirror and a cylindrical case with snap closures. Here are some photos of the set.

I've really enjoyed trying them out. The brushes are well balanced and have an average length of a handle. The bristles are completely synthetic, which I appreciate, and very soft. The larger brushes are quite thick giving them the room needed for holding onto foundation, powder and concealers. They clean up very easily with soap and water. I prefer to gently squeeze out any excess water after washing and then let them air dry (brush end up) in the case without the top on.

I do wish the smaller brushes had a longer handle. The other ones that I have with a longer handle make it easier for me to do work close to a mirror and not get my hand in the way. The larger brushes cover larger areas so I don't need them to have as long of a handle.

I like that they come with a full color one page brochure that had a photo of each brush, its name and what it is used for. This makes it easy for those not in the know to figure out how to best use the different size and shapes of the brushes.

As you can kind of see in the photo on the left, the box came slightly damaged and that damage also included the smaller interior box that was holding the dual sided mirror.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Not Your Kangaroo's Pouch!

I received a set of 6 Reusable Food Pouches from Yummi Pouch #RevelaeKids for a #ProductReview.

I'll be honest, I was not sure if I would like these or if they would even work, but they are pretty cool! These pouches are great for portioning bulk food whether it is for health or diet reasons or to save money by purchasing in bulk. They are also wonderful for sack lunches and snacks on the go. I could easily see these used on road trips to make eating the types of foods that usually require a spoon much easier for those of all ages. And I know as a driver I would appreciate getting food in a nice, simple pouch like this. And don't let me forget to mention these reusable pouches are much more environmentally and economically friendly than the pre filled, one use food pouches.

The plastic that these are made of is quite thin, but that also makes it pliable which is useful for a squeezable food pouch. On the back of the pouch is a fill line which I highly suggest you follow. These pouches can be frozen, but if you over fill and freeze, you'll most likely end up with a busted pouch and a frozen mess to clean up because water expands when it is frozen.

On the back of each pouch is a place where you can write the date and contents of the pouch. Another good though that went into designing this product! This would be a good place to write the name of the person for whom the pouch is meant. Makes it much easier to pass out specific portions to children (or adults) when on a trip or a picnic. I am not sure what type of writing utensil should be used in order for it to be permanent enough to stay until washed in a dishwasher. Maybe the china marker crayon thing that my Dad used to keep in the garage. Its almost like a pencil that has a colored wax "lead". It is made with a rolled paper outside that you can unwrap in a spiral to show more of the lead. I'll have to see if I can find one and use on these.

There is a very sturdy zip closure at the top of the bag. The opening for filling the pouches is almost the same width of the pouch itself. What I really appreciate with this pouch is the base that opens up to make it stand up for filling and for storage.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.