Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#ProductReview of a GPS Tracker

I have been working on moving and my #productreview assignments have been put on the back burner until today.

Let's talk about a disappointing product called a real time GPS tracker from a company called Circq or Circo. It is difficult to determine which it is. You can find it here, but I don't suggest it.

First off it needs a SIM card to work. The company suggested I get a free one through FreedomPop, which was pretty easy. Just make sure that you are prepared to wait a few weeks for it to arrive and that you change your service within 30 days so you don't end up paying $30 or more per SIM card. Side note, the customer service from FreedomPop was fabulous! Secondly, it did not work once the SIM card was inserted. The instructions seem to be pretty good but I could never get the tracker to connect to anything. Lastly it is a bit of a bulky item and it needs to be charged. This is not something you can add to your keys or your bag and then ignore for years. I do not know how long the battery lasts, but I just don't see it as convenient.
. I'm not sure what other kinds of GPS trackers are available. but ok. You can find the tracker