Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dacobots - A Good Idea

Some of you know that I graduated with a theatre degree in secondary education a while back. Unfortunately I was unable to find a job in Idaho because the arts apparently are not as important to education here. Regardless, educating people of all ages has been a priority to me for as long as I can remember. My mother was an educator and I still see myself as one even though I don't have a job at a public school. My Pampered Chef business has helped me to educate people of all ages on preparing healthier food at a lower cost and in less time than a drive through.

So when I saw the opportunity to test and review the Dacobots website I just had to jump at it. I do want to disclose that I will be earning a small fee for my review. However that makes me want to make it as truthful as I can. Without further ado, here is my truth:




I have had nothing but typos and bugs throughout my testing of this website. I was logged out and could not log back in when using the browser on my phone. They have issues with speed of speech as well as grammar and misspellings. However I was extremely impressed with my contact at the company. Alex responded quickly to every message I sent even though I am based in the US and he is somewhere in Europe. My first issue was a misspelling and he not only replied but had it corrected before replying to me in a very short time frame.

As an educator it is exciting to see technology being used to give another option for children (and adults, too) who may need to learn at a different pace or even in a different manner than the norm. If they are able to work out the bugs and get the misspellings and grammar down correctly, this will be a powerful tool. This is a subscription based service and the cost seems very reasonable to me. I think this will be a good summer break tool as well as wonderful for homeschoolers.

One mostly positive point I brought up to Alex was the site was beautiful and it made me feel as if the visual development of the project may have been given too much time and effort versus the educational portion. I hope they give the same amount of time and effort to the other parts of the project because it will be awesome when that happens.

Just as a brief reminder, I was given one month free access to this website and will continue to try it out until my subscription is up. I will also be paid a small fee for this post.