Saturday, February 11, 2017

Watch This!

Two watches, one seller, a story for my blog.

#Aposon sent me two watches (at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbased opinion) for a #ProductReview. Both worked. Point in the good column. Neither had instructions. Point in the bad column. The rest of the information varies from here.

Let’s start with the sport style watch. The Orange Men’s Sports Watch was disappointing. It was too large for me to wear at all. The face actually was so large that it needed more wrist estate than I have. I know I have a smaller wrist but I am a full grown adult. Secondly the large face made it impossible to comfortably and snugly tighten so it would stay where it was supposed to stay. The face was so deep (high off my wrist) that it kept me from being able to put my palm in a 90 angle from my forearm (think pushups) without digging into the top of my hand to the point of pain. I would assume if I tried to do any pushups while wearing this watch that I would end up with bruises. Not the best idea when designing a “sport” watch. The minute hand, when at a certain time, covered the information that was showing in the orange (I guess that is where the watch got its name?) circle thus rendering the information useless at that time each hour. And speaking of the name, the orange circle is not prominent enough to give the watch its name. A bit of a nitpick, but I was asked to review it, so there you are.

My biggest problem with the watch was the lack of instructions. There are four buttons – two on each side – and the turning dial which is usually used to set the time but I’m not sure because there are NO INSTRUCTIONS. Now, I can understand the other watch, that I will be reviewing below, not coming with instructions because there is only only one function, to tell time. WAIT, I jest! There is a need for instructions for that watch because there is a fancy buckle on the band. But I’ll get into that later. Back to the sport watch – without the instructions the sport functions are not easy to use and will take time to figure out on my own. I’m sure I could figure the most basic ones out, but I know I would be missing something. If only an easier way to set/use a function. See the video review of this watch here.

The second watch, the Black Men’s Watch, started off better. The face was only about a third of the depth of the sport watch and not as wide. So even though it had a large face, it did fit on my wrist. The dial on the side was the standard pull out, twist to get to the right time, push back in to start. I liked the simplistic dial with just roman numerals at the 12, large hash marks on the other hours and smaller hash marks for the minutes. The black on black does make it difficult to read the time in low light, but it can be done. What I like is the watch is completely silent! There is no second hand so my ADHD is not triggered when I wear it. The band is a nice mesh metal that warms as it is worn and has a nice flexibility to it.

Here’s where the issue of having no instructions comes in. The metal band has a nifty clasp that was slightly difficult to figure out. However I like puzzles and was able to figure out how it would clasp. The adjustable part of it that allows you to tighten or loosen the band for a more personalized fit. I WISH there had been instructions on how to adjust it because it did not make sense. After breaking a nail and then using a ballpoint pen I was able to figure it out. But remember, I like puzzles. And there is also the issue of the adjustable bit sliding all the way off the band before I was able to lock it down again. You can see the video review I did of it on my YouTube channel.

Final opinion is I really don’t like these watches. I would recommend AGAINST the sport watch and just not suggest the other one. However if you want to check them out for yourself you can find the sport watch here and the standard one here.

Just as a quick reminder, I did receive both of these watches from #aposon at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.