Saturday, March 18, 2017

Battlefield Earth for the 21st Century

#BattlefieldEarth by L Ron Hubbard new edition for the 21st Century was sent to me for a #ProductReview and a giveaway! Unfortunately I don't have the money to ship it anywhere so the giveaway will be open to residents of the Treasure Valley in Idaho.

So this edition has expanded content, author interview and author notes. I also received the 44 disc audio version with over 65 voice actors and an entire score. Score is right!!!

The cover art was created for this version and it lives up to the reputation of the book. The colors used give a realistic feel while still showing the fansasy aspect. Basically it looks like it could happen.

I feel like a pratt so far with some of my coments, but I actually can't figure out how else to explain my initial thoughts on this book and the attention to details.

The book opens with a character saying, "Man is an endangered species." What a powerful sentence! The scene unfolds from there and offers insight into the backstory of a few of the characters as well as familial ties. I expect back story to be kind of dry yet necessary. With this book I was pleased to find that I was into the story from the very first and did not get bored by how the information was presented.

So far I'm impressed and can't wait to finish it! You can see my initial reaction to the book and the cds I received on my YouTube channel. You can find the book here.