Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cooking with Ages 4-12

Empower your kids (grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc.) in the kitchen! Start from an early age and cooking will be as simple as following a few rules and eating the end product. You'll also be modeling how to change a recipe to their tastes which might lead to creating their own recipes! Here are some tips and ideas for younger kids.

Ages 4 to 7 years:
•Allow them to measure some of the ingredients, such as flour, water, sugar
•Allow them to sift dry ingredients
•Let them spread butter or peanut butter on bread for sandwiches
•Let them stir the batter for muffins, cake, pancakes
•Children this age can learn to set the table correctly
•Ask for their decisions such as chocolate or white cake, oatmeal or vanilla cookies

Ages 6 to 8
•Let chop nuts for cookies using the Food Chopper
•Children can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the Cut ’N Seal
•Allow them to open cans and drain, using the Pampered Chef can opener
•Let grate carrots and mix carrot and raisins and other salads
•Let frost cookies or cupcakes
•Show them how to peel potatoes, carrots and apples with the Vegetable Peeler
•Children can use a My Safe Cutter to cut up cooked potatoes or other soft foods

Ages 8 to 12 years:
•Let mix and bake cookies or a cake from a mix, supervising the removal from the oven, setting the oven temperature and timer, and use of the mixer, if used.
•Let mix together potato or macaroni salad, including chopping onion, pickle and other ingredients.
•Let them turn pancakes or French toast on the griddle.
•Allow to make biscuits, Jell-O, pizza or macaroni and cheese or other pre-packaged convenience foods with minimal supervision.

More tips and ideas next week!