Thursday, July 28, 2011

TSoW - Dorm Room Survival/Shower

Kids will soon be back in school, and that includes the ones going off to college! Did you know that college kids eat, too? Gasp! But, do they know how to fend for themselves in the wild areas of the college quads? Why not set them up with everything they will need to make, eat and store food? Host a Dorm Room Survival Show and stock your college-bound eating monster, and your friends', with the essentials. We'll make a microwave only recipe that they can make in their mini micro-fridge and show them an alternative to McDonalds and dry ramen. And, I have an electronic dorm room cookbook that everyone will receive via email after the show!

What are you waiting for?

Dorm Room Survival Tools From The Pampered Chef

Small Micro-cooker- heating up soups ….cooking macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles…or to make a “pot of tea” in the microwave!
Small Bar Pan- use in oven,microwave, or toaster oven. Cook up bacon, hot pockets, reheat pizza, Easiest Fudge Brownies (recipe included), or bake 4 ready-made cookies or an individual sized frozen pizza.
Cut N Seal- make your own hot pockets and crustless p&j sandwiches!
Small Bar Board- small cutting jobs, easy to store
Small and Large Batter Bowls- tuna and noodles in the microwave… mixing bowl, storage bowl for leftovers. You’ll use them for everything!
Quik Stir Pitcher- mix up OJ, or iced tea…will fit in fridge
Apple, Veggie, Mango, Pineapple Wedgers – promotes healthy snacking (apples, pears)
Small bowl, Small Squares- perfect size dishes for one, easy to store and stack, guaranteed, break and chip resistant, can microwave in them
Food Chopper- Save yourself time so you have more time to study! Great for apartment living too, when you have to do all your own cooking!
Manual Food Processor- whip up a quick batch of salsa to share!
Hot Pad/Trivet- use as an oven pad, a trivet, and to open jars
8" Saute Pan- Lifetime Guarantee, nothing sticks, perfect size (get the whole set at half price and give your student the smaller pieces!)
Twixits! – mandatory for closing bags of chips, pretzels, frozen waffles, or the bag of dirty laundry…also good for identifying your tube of toothpaste.
Tool Turn-About – Fill it with the remaining items on this page! Use some compartments for desk/craft supplies, too (scissors, pens, ruler, glue stick, highlighters,etc.)!
Can Opener- won’t rust, easier to use, won’t have to replace it in a year because it won’t turn, no sharp edges, lids can be put back on top of the can
Mini Serving Spatula- dish up those brownies easily, perfect small size
Paring Knife with case- safe to store (case) great for smaller cutting jobs, lifetime guarantee
Small Spreader – for spreading margerine, peanut butter, jam, icing, mayo, etc.
Cheese Knife- No small wire to break! You won’t have to replace this, works much better than a knife.
Skinny Scraper- small cans, peanut butter jars, stirring, can’t melt it.
Small or Mini Mix N Scraper- more like a spoon and spatula in one! Can use in cookware and won’t melt!
Citrus Peeler- won’t break a nail opening oranges or grapefruit!
Grapefruit Knife- Perfect for avoiding the “Freshman 15” (weight gain)
Mini Whipper- Whip up chocolate milk, and anything else that you need a whisk for
Bamboo Tongs- retrieve toast and bagels from the toaster without electrocuting or burning
Bamboo Spoons- won’t stain or crack
Small Bamboo Spoons- smaller jobs, serving up dips or salsa
Easy Opener- open up jars, sodas, bottles much easier, sticks on your dorm fridge