Monday, July 25, 2011

Product of the Week

I liked the Theme Show of the Week so much that I decided a Product of the Week - PoW - would be fun, too! So here we go with the first PoW!

The Manual Food Processor is a go-to product for my kitchen and when traveling. It has a small footprint - about 6" in diameter - and has a 3 cup volume. I have waited for a while to purchase a food processor because I wanted to have a spot for the processor to live. And, the $450 price didn't encourage me to invest, either. So when the Manual Food Processor came out this Spring, I was so excited! I wouldn't have a huge monster on my counter or taking up cupboard space. And who really wants to wrestle that out just to shred some green onions?

I have used this to make salsas (tomato based and tropical), egg salad, blizzards, tapenades and just general food processing! I even have a facebook page dedicated to the Manual Food Processor that you can join. I only allow recipes, tips and ideas - no sales!

If you do want to try the Manual Food Processor for yourself, let me know! We'll get together and make some Mango Confetti Salsa or Strawberry Ice or whatever! If you don't live near me we can still figure it out. Want to have it for your own? Check out my website, click on Order Products, Choice 2, Ok to Continue, New Products. Or you can contact me directly via email, facebook, twitter, phone, etc.

#2581 Manual Food Processor — $49.00
Just drop in ingredients and pump the handle! Our unique curved blades chop, slice and blend ingredients in seconds. The more you pump, the finer the cuts. Includes a handle lock for convenient storage, measure marks for easy measuring and nonskid base for stability. 3 cups. Vessel and blade post are dishwasher-safe.