Thursday, August 4, 2011

TSoW - Cooking Show CLUB

Have you ever wanted to host a Pampered Chef Cooking Show but you worried nobody would come or order? A Cooking Show Club is your answer!

Each member agrees to a minimum purchase each month. This allows you to chip away at your wish list. I know the host and guest specials a few months in advance, so I will help you get the most for your money! Out of the 6 month time frame each member is the "host" once. With a guaranteed amount of orders each month there is a guaranteed minimum amount of host benefits. If you want more free, invite more people and collect more orders. My favorite benefit is that we get to delve into techniques that we normally don't have the time for at a regular cooking show. So get 5 friends together and we'll get going!

To participate

•Must have 6 or more members to begin
•Each member must provide a wish list
•Agree to meet once every month (place tbd or round robin of members)
•Agree to spend $30 on products each month - you must find a substitute if you cannot participate one month
•Each member is the "host" one month and receives “benefits”: free items, half-price items, discounts, and Host Special for the month
•Host provides the ingredients for the recipe
•Club continues until all members have had the opportunity to be the host
•The club will remain open after this only by a unanimous decision of All club members