Sunday, June 12, 2016

Not for the Greatest Dad

The BBQ Brush from #PureDome that I received for a #ProductReview is really not something I would endorse or suggest. There are some good parts to it, and I will outline them below, but the good do not outweigh the bad.

The brush comes nicely packaged in a cardboard box with a handle. There are several full-color photos of the brush being used as well as the individual parts. 

Once you open the box there is one foam piece that easily slides out and holds all of the parts included. It comes with a nice instruction booklet which was simple to follow. 

There are seven pieces included in the box, three of which are brush attachments. The battery is 3.6V and the charger for the battery has two slots allowing a second battery to be charged. I'm not sure if the seller offers an extra battery.

I charged the battery in just a few hours. I had no problems opening the case for the battery and the battery slid right in. However I had a bit of difficulty getting the battery lid back on. What I finally figured out was the battery had to be pushed in for about two notches on the base of the battery. Once that was in I was able to replace the lid. Husband mentioned that it was a water resistant lid so it is made to be left out by the grill if desired.

The heads for the brush are metal bristled and the bristles are very sharp. They easily were bent and a few arrived broken off. Those broken bristles found my skin when I went to attach or detach a head from the body. The other problem with the metal bristles is they will scratch off any nonstick coating that you have on your grill. If that is not an issue, then the metal bristles could work just fine.

There is only and on/off button, no speed settings are available and no power boost button for short bursts. I would have liked to have a forward and backward button to make it easier to lock or unlock the brush attachments. Without that I ended up turning the mechanism manually when just trying to get the attachment off. I have a feeling that could become an issue with the mechanics of the brush.

The final nail in the coffin was the battery which really does not have enough power to create the torque needed to really clean off the grill. If you turn the heat on the grill really high and burn off the bits and pieces then you'll need to let the grill cool down before using the brush. Because of the way it is designed the brush cannot be used from a safe distance and there is no heat shield to keep your skin safe if you don't let the grill cool down enough. The entire unit is quite heavy and not well balanced, in my opinion

Ultimately I would not suggest this brush for BBQ grills. I have been racking my mind to figure out what else it could be used for and have yet to think of anything.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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