Monday, June 27, 2016

Polish that Style

Grell sent me this Wearable Nail Polish Holder that I plan to send to my oldest niece. She is really into nails and changes hers on an almost daily basis. When I was last visiting I noticed that she likes to do her nails on her bed while watching movies or tv. My hope is that this will be something she likes and uses in order to keep from spilling the polish on her bedding.

The #SiliconeHolder fits comfortably with no polish in it. As you can see on the right it does not wrap all the way around my slightly chubby fingers. I think my hand would be more relaxed if it did fit more securely or wrapped further around. However if the ring portion were much longer it would be too much extra for those with thin fingers. The manufacturer might want to make a small version and a large version for this issue to be resolved.

I also was not sure what the tab coming off the ring portion right under the holder was meant to be used for or what the reason was it was there. I can't figure it out so maybe someone will enlighten me? It seems like it is too far up the ring to be of any use in placing a finger or thumb to secure it there. Regardless, the more open design of the ring at the bottom (palm side) does make it simple to remove from a hand that just had its nails painted.

I tried this ring with several sizes and shapes of nail polish bottles. Each bottle fit nicely and was quite secure. I had no problem with small bottles falling out or larger bottles feeling as if they may not fit. I would not suggest putting two small bottles in at the same time. For example I have a two part crackle finish set of nail polish bottles. I would not place both in at the same time because the silicone would not be surrounding each bottle.

Bottom line is I like it and I think my niece will, too.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.