Thursday, June 2, 2016

Do the Twist!

First #ProductReview of the month!

I am always in need of more pressure from my garden hose, especially when I'm trying to clean something like our interior garbage can or a kitty litter box. It seems like the higher the pressure the easier it is to knock off the bits and pieces that tend to get in the way of the cleaning.
Then I have the times when I need wider coverage than I can get with the normal pressure from the hose. That's why I really like the brass twisty nozzle I received from #AlphaHomeProducts. 
The only problem I ran into was what to do with the 2 extra rubber washers that came with the nozzle. It is a nice touch and I appreciate having the washers around. However the plastic bag that the nozzle and washers came in had a big tear in it, which precluded me from just using the bag to keep them together.

I received the Heavy Duty High Quality Solid Brass 4″ Twist Nozz at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Images taken from the listing.