Monday, June 6, 2016

Precise Measurements

I really do try not to test and review products that are in any way competitors of the Pampered Chef products that I sell as an Independent Consultant. However when I saw this Digital Thermometer by #EatSmartThermometer, I though there were enough differences that I could be impartial in my review. Once I opened the package I was pleased to find how different this thermometer is from the one you can find in the Pampered Chef catalog.

For starters, it is a digital thermometer and ours is not. As you can see in the photo below it has a nice light-up display that makes it very useful for those who like to cook outside on a grill or while camping. This allows for the cook to test the temp of the meat without having to bring it inside and lose a good amount of heat, juices and textures if the meat has to go back on the grill.
The cover which comes on the thermometer probe is very tight and a bit difficult to get off at first. I don't mind that so much because it means it will stay on the thermometer when in a drawer. If you look closely at the photo you will see they have printed the suggested safe meat temperatures on the case in an easily read format.

The thermometer has 5 buttons: power, degrees F/C, set, max (also up) and hold (also down). The power button pressed once turns on the thermometer. You have to press again for the led to light up. Press and hold to turn off. I kept trying to test how long it would stay on before auto powering off, but then I would press a button to do something else and forget. The instructions that come with this product are well written, easy to follow and explain all of the different functions.

Once you get the cover off you get a clear view of the probe which, if you look at the photo below, actually tapers to a smaller probe about a half inch before the tip. This is a very nice design element because it allows for a smaller hole to be made in smaller, shallower items which ends up leaving less room for juices to come out. It also makes the thermometer more sensitive due to less material between the actual measuring hardware and the food.
Now, for the technology geeks like me, this thermometer can be manually calibrated. The instructions give a good overview of how to do it.

This is not a thermometer you would want to leave in a pan for making candies! Even though there is a clip on the back of the thermometer, that is for clipping onto a pocket so the thermometer is accessible to the cook. You would also not want to leave this in the meat when closing the grill lid or the oven door.

So if you cook outside, this is a fabulous tool to add to your arsenal. If you don't already have an instant read thermometer, this would be a good one, too.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.