Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why Party?

As I have mentioned before, I own a direct sales company that sells high quality kitchen tools through in-home cooking shows. It's not for everyone, but I do have a great customer base - and even people who host 2-3 shows a year on a regular basis.

I am sad today because I received a call from a potential host. She is 7 months pregnant, was a referral from her Aunt and was going to have a PC Baby Shower. It is called Stork the Freezer. Basically, her guests help to put together freezer meals (usually 10-15) for when the baby comes. Simple meals that are thaw and reheat as well as ones that take a few more ingredients to finish - items that don't freeze well. Basically, it is Power Cooking plus. She was so excited to not only have a PC Baby Shower and to have help making the meals, but that she would get free products (January hosts can get an extra $50-100 in free products) to fill her kitchen. She was making a list of people she wanted to invite and even had a few ideas to add to the party. I am sad for her, not for the lost party.

I was supposed to go to her house this morning and go over the host kit, pick out the recipes and set a date. She called me one hour before the meeting and cancelled the whole show. She kept saying "sorry for the inconvenience", but there was none. We hadn't set a date and I hadn't wasted gas or time by going there. I probed a bit just to find out why she didn't want to have it after all. She said it wasn't something she wanted to do right now (um, not true), that it was too much work (she wanted to hand deliver the invites, normally I send them and make the reminder calls the night before, I would have even offered to pick up the groceries and have her reimburse me since she would be close to giving birth and has a 1 yr old), and finally settled in on the fact that her mother in law wanted to give her a baby shower. So, you can only have one baby shower? You can't let the MIL know that this is an option and to work with me IF she wanted to go that way? I provide the entertainment, so no stupid "how big do you think the mother's belly is in yarn" games? And, her guests would be providing a service to her. The probably would feel like they needed to bring meals (money out of their pockets and a hassle to get the dishes washed and back to their owners) after the baby was born. I don't get it.

Basically, she lied to me. Someone made fun of the idea and she cowered out of it. That not only sucks that she bended to their ideas, but that they would take this opportunity away from her. Why do people do it?

So, here is a list of 10 reasons to have an in-home cooking show:

10. You’re on a first-name basis with the Domino’s delivery guy.

9. Your family is tired of eating Hamburger Helper.

8. It takes two hours to make dinner, two minutes to consume it and two days
of soaking the pot to clean it.

7. Your knives have a hard time cutting through butter.

6. You received a PC gift and you have no idea what to do with it.

5. Your kitchen tools are older than your car.

4. Your family thinks that cookies are supposed to be burned on the bottom.

3. Veggies taste better when cut into cool shapes--just ask a kid!

2. Samples of quick, easy and delicious recipes (made before your eyes!)

1. You deserve a fun time out and I provide the entertainment!

With the economy not doing so well, and people totally freaking out about it, I provide a reason to get together (learn new recipes that cost around $2 a serving and take less than 30 minutes to prepare), you don't have to spend a lot of money because people are coming for a taste test and not a meal, and it is fun!

I am angry at the person who caused this potential host to miss out on a fun and useful party. Everyone eats, its not a fad and its not going to go away. Cooking shows provide a way for people to learn how to economically and quickly feed themselves and their family.