Tuesday, December 27, 2016

There Is No Short Straw

There may not be a short straw in this set of 6 (two of each size) from #Chefast, but there are different reasons to have this selection in your utensil drawer. You can find this set of straws here and I recommend them. In the below photo I placed them next to a standard paper wrapped plastic straw I picked up at a fast food place.

These stainless steel straws are very nice for those who want to get away from the disposable plastic ones for health or conservation reasons. I really like them because Jasmine does not. Socks (the cat we had to put down earlier this year) would actually steal plastic straws from drinks we would bring home. In the middle of the night we would hear the sound of a plastic straw being slooooooowly pulled out of a to go drink cup if we had forgotten to throw it away...or even if we just weren't looking! Anyway, these straws hold no appeal to our cat now which means we won't find a cache of them under some large piece of furniture.

The three sizes are in length as well as width. If you like your smoothies and milkshakes thick or with chunks, you'll want to use the wider one. If you like tall glasses, use the taller one. It's not rocket science, but try to choose what works for you. I did try the tallest one in a 1 ltr soda bottle and it did not reach out of the mouth of the bottle at all but was level with the top. With a rubberband and some ingenuity, it could work if necessary.

I like that they come in a bag just because I like to have a place for everything. The little brush (not pictured) that it comes with is nice for anything that might get stuck and dried on. However these are stainless steel and should not rust. I have yet to test the theory. I suggest you throw them in the utensil holder in the dishwasher to get them clean and sparkly again.

As I said at the beginning, I do recommend these for anyone who wants to cut down on waste or does not want to drink from plastic. As always I did receive this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.