Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bright Lights and Big Cables

I am really needing some help with my "witty" attempts at post titles.

Anyway, I thought today would be a great day to head out to a lunch at the local Cafe Zupas and to put together a #ProductReview or four. The staff at Cafe Zupas were game to help me unravel the Leapair Curtain Lights in an attempt to get a photo or two. Well, I took a video of the unraveling (and if anyone knows how to make it so the video plays in fast forward, please let me know!) and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. I also have a video of the unboxing and a few photos I'll share here.

This shows the end result of the unraveling once the length of the curtain was gathered into the hands of one of the staff members at Cafe Zupas. By the way, awesome food here!

One aspect that really impressed my assistants was the different modes that the LED could be run. The photo here shows the control box and the different modes that are available. The following quick videos shows the different modes being played as well as a pan of the length of this curtain.

I was impressed with several of the features of this curtain but there were a few negatives, too. First, this is not a one person job. When the instructions say "easy installation" I expect to be able to install this myself. As you can see in the really long YouTube video, four people and five minutes of work was not enough to get this curtain ready for use. Secondly I expected it to have the light strands closer together and be more like a bead curtain you place in your doorway. That being said, if this were used in a backdrop of a wedding or even a photo booth, the effect would be stunning.

I like this curtain and would recommend it IF the photos on the amazon listing were more detailed and really showed what it looked like by itself. And, if the instructions that say "easy installation" were modified to be more realistic. You can find the Lepair Curtain Light here.

As always I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.