Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Name is Kate...

...and I'm addicted to Bluetooth speakers. Luckily I get them at a discount or free (like this one) in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and #ProductReview.

I always have my phone with me and prefer to listen to music with apps like Pandora when I'm out. It's a good thing I have T-Mobile with their BingeOn program and unlimited data. Otherwise I would only be able to use these Bluetooth speakers when talking on the phone. Yes, you *can* use a Bluetooth speaker as a speaker phone in your vehicle or elsewhere.

I'm sure you're wondering which #PortableBluetoothSpeakers of which I am speaking today. That is the Ancord speaker found here. I decided to play a song of which I am very familiar through this speaker while on the road. The song played just fine through my phone but as soon as I connected to the speaker it came out very strangely. See below:
As you hopefully can experience through the above video, the song was split into different parts. One line of it was going the correct speed while another line would speed up and then slow down or pause altogether. It made for an interesting listening experience, but I wanted to hear it as it was made. In the video you should see, at the end, that my phone was only a few feet away from me. This should not have happened and, honestly, I don't even understand the mechanics of HOW it could happen.

Let's pretend the warped playing of the song didn't happen. I'll just look at the speaker itself, because there could have been something wrong happening with Pandora, although I doubt it. 

So, I charge the speaker and it does not take long. I turn it on and the voice has some issues. One, it is difficult to understand. It is not an American voice so the accent on the English does affect the understanding. If I could get past that there are two other issues with the voice that I just could not. The quality of the voice is so sub par that it sounds like the person speaking is doing so while swallowing water, or with a swollen vocal box or underwater. It just is not good. Then you have the improper words being used like, "

With all that being said, there are some positives to this speaker. I love that it is water resistant (although I have not tested this) and shock proof, which I have tested. Accidentally, By being me and dropping it several times. The port cover for the power connection and other stuff is nicely designed. It opens and closes quite securely and is attached by a silicone connection. I love that the cover itself is sturdy and not susceptible to warping (and therefore negating the water resistance) like silicone is. The speaker does take a memory card which is pretty cool, too.

Honestly the negatives far outweigh the positives for this little speaker. I cannot recommend it.