Monday, June 27, 2011

Power Cooking

How would you like to bang out a month's worth of meals in about 4 hours? That's Power Cooking. Also called Once a Month Cooking (OAMC) and is very similar to the stores like Dinners Ready, Make-it-take-it-Meals, etc. These companies have a great idea, but I wouldn't use them. Why? Well, I can do it myself for a lot less; I know the quality of the ingredients that are in the meals; most have you prepare the food in foil containers which I don't like (I prefer zip top bags for ease of storage and no tinny taste); and, I can teach others how to do it so they can do it at home!

Check out my facebook page on Power Cooking where I will be posting recipes and tips. I also offer Power Cooking Clubs and Workshops in the Treasure Valley, ID area as well as on my route from Boise, ID to Ft. Collins, CO: near Ogden, UT and Cheyenne, WY, etc. Just ask and I'll see what I can pull together!

Later this week I'll be posting tips on Power Cooking as well as recipes you can try out. I just love being able to take advantage of a sale on proteins and save time as well!