Sunday, July 17, 2016

Drops in the Bucket

These Cord Management Drops by #Vorfreude are so handy! I chose the multi colored ones and they couldn't be more cheerful. I really like the colors as they will stand out amongst the cables and make it easier to point them out if I have to verbally walk someone through the maze of cables that inhabit our living room. These drops also come in a pack of all black and a pack of all white.

The package comes with ten drops. The multi colored variety has four green, three pink and three orange, there is no other way to get the colored ones as of this posting. As you can see from the package photo they come with double sided 3M tape on the back. I have always had good luck with 3M. The one tip I would give for attaching these drops is to make sure you clean the area where you will be sticking the drop. And not just a swipe of your hand, use a cleansing agent or even just rubbing alcohol. Electronics are notorious for collecting lots of dust, and dust sticks to 3M tape quite well.

So each drop (I love that name, by the way) is around the size of half of a walnut. They have three slots for cables, as you can see by the photo of the drop in my hand. I have placed one in my car to help keep track of my charging cables. Makes it easier to unplug and get out of the car without the cable coming with me as well as finding cables once I get back into the car. I just placed the drop on the vertical area of my dashboard.

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.