Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spritz'N Wipe

The Spritz'N Wipe from Spritz'N is a very interesting product. I am reminded of the book written for children that basically says everyone has the same bodily functions. Well, taking a page from that book, everybody has the same need to clean up after those bodily functions.

There are times when plain, dry toilet paper just won't do it for your situation. This is where the Spritz N Wipe comes in. It is a handy little dispenser that is battery powered and sensor activated. What you do is hold the toilet paper in your hand with the toilet paper facing up. Move your hand in front of the sensor and the Spritz N Wipe dispenses a bit of moisture onto the toilet paper. Then go about cleaning up after your business and you're on your way.
The body of the unit comes with a double sided sticky mount and the ability to be mounted in a more permanent fashion. Shipped with the main unit was one bottle of the Spritz'N Wipe fluid. There are different scents available, but I really liked the original unscented fluid.

While this is not something that would be discussed in "polite company", as my grandmother used to say, I do feel this is a product that can be useful to many people and has been useful in our family.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.