Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Electric Sockets and Odor Killers

The Onite 2-Pack of E26 to E26 US Standard Screw Light by #LH1KBL is a genius little gadget. And you know how much I love gadgets! Ok, so this screws into a light socket (lamp, wall, ceiling, it does not matter) and then you screw your lightbulb into it. A bit of a side note - I would suggest only using a LED bulb so you don't end up pulling too much energy to one socket. Now that you have the gadget in the socket and the bulb in the gadget, what do you do? Well, you use the gadget to plug up to two non-grounded plugs.

This is wonderful for small spaces where you may not have enough wall plugs for what you need. Also if you live in an older home or work in an older garage these can be a lifesaver. They work quite well and come in a set of two, bonus! And for those of you who like to use lights for the holiday, this could really be a great way to put up more house bling.

I plan to get these for my Dad who is the ultimate garage tinkerer. I think that he would really appreciate a few more outlets.

The All Natural Fridge Odor Remover by #saganofresh is safely ensconsed in my refrigerator and doing its job quite well. I have no illusions about being a talented homemaker so my fridge frequently hosts unplanned science experiments.

I have to say, within 24 hours of placing this little plastic box in my fridge I could tell a huge difference. It won't keep things from spoiling, because that is not its job, but it will keep the scents in the fridge from crossing to other foods.

It works well and is easy to "install". All you do is place it in your fridge, closet or mudroom. Probably a great idea for a bathroom used mainly by boys, too.

This is something I would purchase again.