Thursday, February 25, 2016

WinAntiRansom Security Software

I was so excited when I came across the opportunity to try and review some AntiRansom software by WinPatrol.

This is such a cool product and I am still working on testing it. The problem I'm running into is totally on my side of the firewall. Husband is a programmer and he is also very ill. My main computer is one of our servers which means I have to be extremely careful of what gets installed. So, what I have done is kind of a pre-review with my thoughts on the software and impressions I can honestly make. This is something I want to test further, but I also want to get the word out about this type of software. I do recommend looking into this for your own personal computer.

WinAntiRansom Security Software is a different type of security software than most people have used. It is not a replacement for virus protection or a firewall. From what I understand this keeps your files from being locked and ransomed by malware that threatens to delete if the ransom is not paid.

You may not think ransoming files to be a lucrative industry, but just imagine if the only copy of the video of your teenager's first steps, first words, first anything was threatened to be deleted. The only thing you would want to do is pay the ransom and then back up those files in several places. Here's the kicker, they can still delete the files after you pay. Is a pretty clean crime because the only thing that happens is data being deleted. But it can still be devastating to those affected, whether they lose data, money or both.

Please, before going further in this post, make sure your files are secured by backups in different locations and on different types of media. And, once backed up, PLEASE OPEN THE FILES TO CHECK THE BACKUP WAS SUCCESSFUL! 

Anyway, if this software works the way it is supposed to, you shouldn't find yourself in the ransom situation thus saving the money, headache and the video of your 3 year-old with a shampoo Mohawk streaking around the house while being chased by a drenched parent trying to get him or her back in the tub to finish the bath. You know, the perfect video to show to a prospective fiance 20 years down the line.