Saturday, January 2, 2016

Super Creative

I have a superpower. It's called creativity.

Recently this power of mine has been helping me acquire items that are highly reduced in cost or even free. Well, not totally free. I have been receiving products to test and my "cost" is an unbiased review. I have some review posts that I'm finalizing and will be posting soon. And I'm really looking forward to the one(s) where I get to run a product giveaway!

In my search for items we need yet do not have the ability to purchase, I have come across customer panels, ambassadorships and other creative ways to connect with brands. My newest connection is with KY - a product most adults know and have used. I just signed up on their website today and look forward to getting product testing samples in the future.

I'm sharing the love (metaphorically) with anyone who wants to check out the KY community and possibly get free product samples to use in their own home. Click on the link below for more information. And yes, I do get points or something out of the click.

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